Kayak is best known for:
• Building the strength in the core sections of the body
• Enhancing isometric effect on the legs
• Strengthening muscles of arms and shoulders
• Increasing of cardiovascular health
• Improving mental health

Kayaking is 3 in 1 sport Joy, Spirit and Focus.
• Fresh Beginners starting from 6 year
• Inter-mediate
• Advanced

Kayak Lessons
• Kayaking lessons are open for interested groups or individuals
• Tailored Kayak lessons are provided for all ages upon request

Kayak Locations
• Dubai Festival City
• The Lagoon

• Please download the Registration Form from the website. Fill out the Form in full and bring along to the first session. (Click here)
• Payments must be paid in full upon confirmation of attendance of classes with the coach.
• Please note that once classes are confirms and payments are made there will be no refunds or change of scheduled classes.

Click here to download kayaking registration form

Why choose Ramla Sports
Ramla Sports Features

Kids with us learn the four types of swimming:
Free Style, Back Crawl, Breast Stroke, Butter fly.

Kayaking is 3 in 1 sport Joy, Spirit and Focus.
• Fresh, Beginners starting from 6 years
• Inter-mediate
• Advanced

Swimming Lessons:
• Swimming lessons are always open for all ages and all levels
• Private swimming lessons are available upon request

Swimming is one of the most popular recreational sports that can be enjoyed by all ages

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