Ramla Sports provides an environment that encourages children to learn and develop their skills both on and off the playing field. Thus creating a positive learning experience where the children can progress on a technical and physical level within soccer. We encourage children to work as a team and we aim to develop skilled and creative players who can learn and understand the game by using their own creativity.

We teach the correct techniques and importance of understanding the principles of the game, allowing them to experiment and assess their own decisions. This allows the individual to develop independence.

All activity to be delivered will be done so taking into consideration the developmental age of the players

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Ramla Sports Features

Kids with us learn the four types of swimming:
Free Style, Back Crawl, Breast Stroke, Butter fly.

Kayaking is 3 in 1 sport Joy, Spirit and Focus.
• Fresh, Beginners starting from 6 years
• Inter-mediate
• Advanced

Swimming Lessons:
• Swimming lessons are always open for all ages and all levels
• Private swimming lessons are available upon request

Swimming is one of the most popular recreational sports that can be enjoyed by all ages

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